About Us

High taste. High fashion. Personable service. Relationships with customers. Constantly evolving merchandise. Amazing staff.

Benjamin and Libba Belton, owners of Benjamin’s and Libba’s in Morganton and Hickory, North Carolina, love fashion and love people, and have built a business on 34 years of service to the customers of western North Carolina. The Belton’s two locations feature men’s and women’s high-end apparel, shoes and accessories—Benjamin’s caters to men while Libba’s caters to women. Ben claims that being a buyer for high-end merchandise is a God-given gift- he can remember back when he was just a seven year old boy, shopping with his mother to purchase his first gray flannel suit and bow tie. Libba was a natural fit for the business from the day she met Ben as she comes from a family of furniture. She has an impeccable eye for silhouettes, colors and fabrics!

Libba’s and Benjamin’s have certainly evolved over time. Benjamin’s began in 1977 as a men’s store and then Belton introduced women’s wear into the company’s spectrum and started using the Libba’s name. His women’s wear started with classic fashions and over time has moved towards a more contemporary look.

The Belton’s take pride in their stores, not only for their high-end merchandise and better branding, but also for the great team who have developed lasting relationships with the clientele of the two locations. “We have a better store because we provide the best possible service,” said Belton. “We’ve got a great team of dedicated professionals. It’s no secret. We treat people the way they want to be treated and we have a high taste level for products—an eye for quality products—and we have a clientele that respects that”.