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These modern five-pocket trousers, with their exceptional marathon quality, are a novelty in lightness and refinement. This is due to the finest Pima cotton yarns, which are processed together with a comfortable stretch to a noble satin. Because the used Pima cotton by Supima is special in its features. The extra long staple length of 38 mm provides a softer feel, higher durability and stability. In addition, this Pima Cotton fiber has a higher color and pilling resistance. All this contributes to a comfortable feel with these pants. The high-quality, smooth marathon quality also shines in a smart color palette, but is rather masculine about the typical five-pocket style.

men's trousers

Five-pocket bags

Two patched back pockets

Additional coin pocket

High quality zipper

Regular fit

Straight leg course

What does marathon stand for?

Marathon quality is an exclusive innovation from BRAX. The material made of high-quality supima cotton gives the pants a unique lightness with contemporary fine cotton stretch.

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