• Leather/Aluminum Secure Slimwallet
    Leather/Aluminum Secure Slimwallet Leather/Aluminum Secure Slimwallet Leather/Aluminum Secure Slimwallet

Leather/Aluminum Secure Slimwallet

  • Brands SECRID
  • Product Code: SO-Cognac-Brown
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Color: Original Cognac

The Slimwallet is a modern take on the classic billfold. With its slim profile it fits perfectly into every pocket. The generously cut leather holds at least an additional six cards, banknotes and business cards. The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use. The aluminium protects from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication.

RFID / NFC protected

Modern cards, such as travel cards, credit cards and access cards, contain a chip and antenna for wireless communication. These RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) or NFC (Near Field Communication) cards increase convenience, but consequently the risks too. They can be read, activated and cloned from a metre away, without you noticing. SECRID's Cardprotector, the aluminium heart of all SECRID wallets, protects your cards from these kinds of unwanted wireless communication.

Thanks to SECRID's patented mechanism and the aluminium casing of the Cardprotector, your cards remain protected even during use. By revealing only a portion of the cards, the sensitivity for the radio signal is substantially reduced but sufficient for contact over short distances. By minimizing the exposure, you remain outside the reach of digital pickpockets, even while using your cards.

Original is a timeless all-purpose leather with a natural glossy finish that fits every style. So it’s no surprise that this leather is a lasting favorite. Original is corrected-grain leather, made in Holland and Italy from European cowhide. 

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